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Live well everyday and pursue more of your life dreams

We provide resources and nature's products to help you live a longer life in wellness. Then you can pursue more of those things you always wanted to pursue

What we do

We provide you with resources and nature's products to help you live in wellness 

With the right mindset, lifestyle and nature's products everyone can live a well, healthy and happy life well into old age. Think healthy foods, a less stressful lifestyle, building exercise naturally into your lifestyle. Think travelling, meeting people and making friends, inspiring people and making a difference. You couldn't do any of these if you are not well.

Learn from the oldest living people in the world

Did you know there are places in the world know as bluezones where people live the longest? We will inspire you to make the right choices towards wellness. 

Discover foods and lifestyles that set you up for a healthy life

Should you go vegan or vegetarian? Is there a difference? Is the plant-based Mediterranean diet the way to go? Do you need to go to the gym? Coming up soon!

The Wellness Living Magazine will inspire you to live well

Learn 'insider secrets' from the longest living Africans and people around the world. Discover lifestyles that create better experiences. Coming soon...

why we do it

We will love to see you well

As children and growing up into adulthood we had many dreams and aspirations. We wanted to change the world, travel the globe, inspire people and make a difference. Soon, getting busy with work, poor diets and some lifestyle choices set us on a downward course towards illness.

The Wellness Living is predicated on the notion that we can each live our lives in wellness and grow into old age without compromising on our health.  And with good health we can pursue the things which matter most to us. 

We discuss food, nutrition, lifestyle and interesting subjects that affect our wellness so we can improve our life outcomes.

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